How many of us have enrolled at a gym with fervor and passion only to be absentee member?

Haven’t all of us gulped down a health supplement in the fond hope of flaunting a sun-glass figure?

Don’t we all want to be healthy, lovely and enjoy our lives to the fullest?

Calling that succeeded

Into fitness since 2002, Andie was first inspired by his cousin, a many times winner of ‘Bodybuilding’ competitions and one of the finest bodybuilder in India. He became the guiding force for Andie who soon began to imbibe the essential elements of fitness. Realizing that it is his true calling, Andie planned to become a fitness counsellor/instructor.

Working his way up

After successfully completing his engineering in 2010, Andie went on to earned reputed certificated in fitness and allied areas such as ISSA (International Sports Science Association) certification, EBFA barefoot training specialist, Kim Marie Paulin supplements and nutrition certification, Gayo fitness academy CPR/AED certification. He is also a member of Zen Shitoryu Karate Referee Clinic having attended Zen Shitoryu Karate Technical seminar/ Kata seminar.

Adding muscle

Today he boasts of having more than 12,000 pan India some of whom are today professional bodybuilders, athletes (both men and women), many who have achieved pro card and are placed in the top 5 in their category. A sought-after name in the fitness domain, he trains clients at the gym and also undertakes personalized sessions.

Procuring supplements, an issue

Unable to find genuine and cost effective supplements in the Indian market, he personally began to import the supplements. With the FSSAI licence, Andie became a distributor of genuine supplements such as protein shakes, meal replacement, Whey Protein isolates/concentrate/casein, Soy Powder, weight gainers, fat burners,bcaa,etc., and started offering them at competitive rates.

Being a part of fitness industry, he also trading in gym equipments facilitating others to start their own gym centres.

Furthermore, he has given many a new lease of life by transforming their bodies and mentoring them to lead beautiful lives.

Core Competency

His skills cover the complete spectrum of fitness.

Andie takes

Personal training, Group fitness training, Sports specific training, Functional training, Kettlebell training, TRX training, strength training, stretching and Plyometrics training. He also trains in martial art and kickboxing. Andie has specialized in training ‘special children and people’ Apart from customizing diet plans and providing fitness counselling, he assessment fitness and prescribes exercises level through a detail regimen of different parameters.

Regular consultation

Regular consultation to evaluate client’s progress and tracking progress is the key to his successful program.

So open the path to good health, wealth and happiness.