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Hectic New Age Life:

In this era of 21st century, amidst all the hectic rumble-tumble of daily living, where can one find the valuable time to lead a healthy lifestyle? Though all of us realize the merit of good health, it is, however, difficult to regularly hit the gym or follow a nutritious diet essential to maintain our physical health.

Fitness and Health is not the same:

Though much importance is given to looking good with biceps and toned abs, very often health and positive outlook in life is generally missed out. We mix fitness merge health.
Often we blindly follow a routine that our friends follow or an article that we may have read in a fitness magazine, not knowing whether it is beneficial for us or not. We normally tend to overlook the fact that the supplements are good for one may not necessarily work for us.

Jedrek Fitness’ is an easy and an effective module to address the various need of a fitness enthusiast. Designed by our reputed trainers, ‘Jedrek Fitness’ offers customized plans and supplements that is unique to the client.

Hitting the fitness scene, ‘Jedrek Fitness’ now offers superior and genuine quality of fitness and sports supplements like Protein shakes, Whey Protein, Low-Cal meal replacement etc., and the complete range of health supplements along with other types of essential nutrients.

Leveraging their vast experience, Our team of professionals now brings value to their impressive roster of clients through ‘Jedrek Fitness’ thus promoting not just a healthy lifestyle but also offering guidance to lose/ gain weight or simply maintain good health.

Pursuing good health, mindfully

Customized health plan
At ‘Jedrek Fitness’ a detailed check list of the client’s health, lifestyle, and other important variable is drawn up to create a customized health plan for the patron.
Specific supplements suggested
Accordingly, only those health supplements, nutrients are suggested which are specifically suitable to the client.
Hugely cost effective
Supplements sourced through ‘Jedrek Fitness’ are extremely cost effective as they fall under principles of fair trade. As the supplements are directly purchased from the manufacturers, unnecessary mark ups are eliminated. This greatly reduces the price.
Counseling sessions
The main objective of ‘Jedrek Fitness’ is to maintain the sound health of their clients. Hence a professional counseling session along with a suitable diet plan is provided for each client, drafted on the basis of their body type and on their particular need which may include losing weight, gaining weight or simply maintaining their health.
Other pluses
Apart from the above, ‘Jedrek Fitness’ also supplies varied types of high quality sports apparels and gym equipment’s to the various gymnasiums, gated communities and complexes, fitness studios. Equipment’s and other paraphernalia is also provided to celebrity homes to set up in-house gyms, corporate, etc.
Training for athletes, sport enthusiasts and other fitness professionals

‘Jedrek Fitness’ also conducts professional training and pre-contest prep especially for the competitive, budding and the deserving athletes.

The sole motto of ‘Jedrek Fitness’ is to motivate and inspire their clients to the fullest by supporting their dreams to stay fit and overall well-being.

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