Corporate (Fitness Training)

Our master Trainers can provide company fitness facilities and wellness programs. Investing in your employees’ health is an investment in your company’s future by ensuring both are healthy, happy and balanced. All company have common goal, to get more from their staff and encourage development through team building.

Some of the benefits are:
▪ Reduced absenteeism
▪ Increased productivity
▪ Reduced medical claims
▪ Retain and attract employees
▪ Reduce stress and anxiety
▪ Promote a better quality of life
Corporate Fitness Training for up to 20 staff from all levels working out at once. We also offer one to one personal training with discount rates for companies. Below are some facts about health and fitness and the effects it can have on staff.

We offer great prices for corporate companies.
1 session for up to 20 people at once, starting from ₹ 4500/-

package includes all types of Specialised training, Health & Fitness Assessments, Nutrition plans and Fitness counselling.

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The Benefits Of Company Fitness

It is a well-known fact and many studies have proven that fitness has numerous advantages in the workplace. MotivatePT wants to help all companies big and small, to invest in their employees’ health & wellness and to make fitness accessible to all. Did you know that back pain is one of the most common causes of employee absenteeism in the company? It has been estimated that 16 million people are affected each year. Is this having an effect on your company and what can you do to help?

Improve Productivity

Increase Employee Morale

Enhance Team Bonding

   Reduce Stress

Lower Absenteeism

Lower Employee Turnover


By giving your employees the opportunity to exercise either during their lunch breaks or before/after work, not only will you be helping their physical and mental well-being, fitness can also enhance their productivity at work.

Whilst exercising our hearts pump blood faster around the body to ensure that the muscles are getting the oxygen and nutrients they need, with this increased blood flow, this also increases the oxygen to the brain. This means each individual will be more alert and will have more energy which consequently means there will be an increase in productivity.

Additionally whilst exercising, many hormones are released; including endorphin which is known as the ‘happiness hormone’. This is proven to improve your company’s morale and employee confidence.

Another hormone which is released is serotonin, this hormone will help an employee to feel happy, fulfilled and energised. Serotonin has also been shown to have an anxiety-reducing effect. If serotonin levels are too low it can cause depression. By maintaining these levels naturally through exercise we are able to offset the daily pressures and hectic work schedule can often bring.

Not only will this lower employee absenteeism due to stress-related illnesses, but at the same time, people who are more physically active are less likely to become sick, as their immune systems are a lot stronger.

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